Research Workshop on Barriers to Adaptation to Climate Change

September 18th-21st, Berlin, Evangelische Bildungsstätte auf Schwanenwerder

Due to the high probability of unavoidable climate change impacts adaptation is increasingly perceived as a relevant societal challenge. Adaptation strategies have been developed on different political levels, but their implementation in the different sectors and affected parts of society is a cumbersome process hampered by institutional, economic and social barriers. These barriers are increasingly discussed within the scientific community on adaptation to climate change.

The Chameleon Research Workshop aims on exchange and discussion of current research approaches and results concerning barriers to adaptation. Perspectives from diverse disciplinary backrounds will be presented. Key simularities and differences of barriers to adaptation are to be identified to enhance the scientific base for developing practical approaches to overcome barriers to adaptation.

The workshop includes keynotes and paper presentations followed by both focused discussion of individual inputs as well as working groups and discussion of synthesis work. Experienced researchers in adaptation to climate change will guide the workshop: Frans Berkhout, Stéphane Hallegatte, Richard J.T. Klein, Susanne Moser, Matthias Ruth and Katrien Termeer participate as contributors and provide an important impetus by their keynote presentations.

On September 21st the workshop ends with a panel discussion on practical experience with barriers to adaptation. Representatives from administration and business are invited to participate and share their practical experiences concerning the process of adaptation to climate change. In this way the panel discussion offers the opportunity of a reality check of the scientific workshop discussions.

Application for the Chameleon Workshop is closed. Participants find important information following the links below:

Workshop program

Directions to the venue